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Impacting Lives Through Data

Complex Analytics made simple.

At Nagnoi, we have spent more than a decade perfecting our development

and implementation methodology for analytics. At the end, it is not about the technology,

but the impact that analytics can make in the organization.


Our iterative approach to analytics use two simple but powerful concepts that have helped us succeed in every implementation: The Analytics Sweet Spot© and Information-Based Actions (IBAs)©. These concepts promote simple but compelling analytics, pervasive adoption, and visualizations committed to actions.


Contact us and learn about Analytics done differently.


Big Data is playing an important role in today’s organizations given the proliferation and amounts of data being created. However, if it is Big Data, Small Data, or Any Data, the mission is to solve a business problem. As a customer, you can expect the Nagnoi Team to never lose its true north, neither fall in love with the technology overlooking the expected value to the business user. That’s why we focus on building solutions, with technology as the enabler, that work for you, and not the other way around.


Our analytics solutions have the following characteristics:

  • Using analytics we like to present a holistic view of the entire business. We believe that dashboards, scorecards, and reports should tell a story. But, if not well thought out or designed, customers can end up with a lot of reports and dashboards they never use, therefore wasting big investments.

  • Simplicity is part of our secret to success. The most compelling solutions we have built are the ones that simplicity enhances the user experience.

  • We believe in the autonomy of the Power User. That’s why we provide users with the ability to BYOA (Build Your Own Analytics). BYOA is a self-service platform where the users build their own reports, dashboards, or ad-hoc analysis.

  • Action! Action! Action! We take very seriously the design of every single dashboard, report, or analytical component. We are inspired by what the user can do with the data, and the actions that can be taken from it.

Experience Big Data Analytics done as you expect!



The key for success in Data Warehousing is to be able to model the business properly, taking into account the scalability requirements, and creating a single version of the truth by solving the data integration challenges in multi-source, multi-data formats source environments.


At Nagnoi, we understand these critical success factors, which led to the creation of The Nagnoi Information Framework (NIF). The NIF is a set of principles applied during the development of scalable data architectures and adaptable analytics solutions. These principles and methods employ best practices around decoupling, interoperability, integration, lineage, extensibility, and reusability in every Data Warehouse and Analytics solution we build.


This framework also provides all the metadata generated during the extraction, transformation, and load processes (ETL) needed to successfully support and manage post-production activities in a Data Warehouse solution.


Experience Data Warehousing done right!



The landscape for reporting has been changing in the past years. Despite reports present information of what has already happened, its value of analyzing history is unquestionable. Insights from immediate history and past trends can tell us a story about the present and what could happen in the future.


We continue to see enterprise reporting playing a key role to meet local and federal compliance requirements. Specifically in healthcare, it is a mechanism to strengthen the organizations’ relationships with external partners, providers, care givers, and patients, by securely sharing relevant information and aggregated insights. That’s where Nagnoi has been excelling.


We understand that reports are typically used for detail information, but even more important, it is about actionable information presented in the right format, to the right stakeholder, at the right time.


Experience reporting done differently!



With Nagnoi’s expertise on Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence, we help our clients obtain a more profound knowledge about their customers and operations. We have enabled our clients with analytics that predict lodging occupancy, foresee healthcare outcomes, forecast inventory levels for the high season, and anticipate customer purchasing behavior, among others.


Nagnoi has successfully employed the methodology CRISP-DM for predictive modeling. CRISP-DM means Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining and it is widely used in many industries, which makes it flexible and adaptable.


We typically employ different models depending on the business situation or what does the client want to achieve. We go from neural nets, to regression, ARIMA, decision trees, clustering, among others.


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