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Meet Our Customer


GFR Media (GFRM), a family owned business, is the largest communications and media group in Puerto Rico (PR). Their brands are media leaders in the country and the main source of relevant information in the island.





As the transition from printed media to digital channels became inevitable, GFR Media made the strategic decision to create the equivalent online version of their printed products, including their flagship media giant El Nuevo Día. However, that decision did not come without challenges on its own:

  • the transition of revenue from printed products to digital content and services was taking longer than expected;

  • smaller digital-only newspapers continue to emerge competing to capture the younger audience and therefore, ads revenue.


Along with these market challenges, data access and operations visibility was lacking and employees/management were relying on data fishing from multiple disparate core systems running on different databases and platforms. This was a hindrance in obtaining the very desirable single version of the truth to manage their daily operations. 






To face these defies, GFR Media believed that an important piece of the solution relied on the data that they already collected. Therefore, a data driven solution was necessary to obtain valuable insights that could help them improve customer service, increase customer retention, improve crossselling and up-selling opportunities, increase ads revenue, capture the online customer behaviors, while at the same time improve the productivity of their staff.

Nagnoi’s Media Big Data Analytics Solution consisted in building a large integrated database feeding structured and unstructured data from more than 30 sources of internal and external information, such as financial, sales, social networks, circulation, supply chain management, promotions, events, digital services, social media, among others. In addition, an analytics and collaborative layer was built to provide insights and the communication functionality to keep the teams working in-sync.

Corporate Database/ Analytics

GFR Media



The Media Big Data Analytics Solution is substantially helping GFR Media leverage data-driven strategies to innovate, compete, and capture value. The business impact created has been:

  • The solution created a foundation for continued strategizing for the development of new audiences and learning from the existing ones.

  • Thanks to the solution, GFR Media created a Business Intelligence (BI) competency center (BICC) and developed a team responsible for BI.

  • It facilitated the creation of products and services (For example: AUDIENCE PROFILE (

  • GFRM now has a holistic view of its customers (360 degrees), being able to discern their most profitable customers from the unprofitable ones, and executing on the cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

  • The solution facilitated the creation of data quality processes in all business areas.

  • Data was raised to the corporate level as a key business asset.

  • Dashboards that are user friendly, agile, precise and updated as needed were developed for the company.

  • Self-service consumption of information

  • Information on the tactical and strategic levels.

  • Through better insights, GFRM can generate alerts and recommendations for several business areas such as: Circulation, Sales, Digital, etc.   

  • The solution gave them the visibility needed to establish KPIs that are more related to each business area. 


Largest digital media & newspaper publisher company in PR.


Anthony Ramirez

Chief Information Officer

"This solution has definitely given us a holistic and integrated visibility of the entire enterprise. Our data has become information and, at the same time, information has turned into knowledge. Now each department, including GFR Media's Board of Directors, have the best tools to analyze the business and make strategic decisions"


400 Calaf Street PMB #155

San Juan, PR 00918


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