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Plaza Provision Company - Distribution 


Meet Our Customer


Plaza Provision Company (PPC) is one of the leading wholesale distributors in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  Over the years it has acquired exclusive distribution rights for more than 50 well-known premium lines such as: Cameo, Oreo, Chips Ahoy, Tang, Durex, Lysol, Clearasil, Oscar Mayer, among others.  Today, PPC has more than 1,500 clients including large multinational retail stores such as: Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, among others.





To stay competitive in the global distribution industry, companies such as PPC, need to balance customer demands while controlling costs in an industry where tight margins and excess inventory are standard operating conditions.  It is clear that technology plays a crucial role in helping distributors achieve these business objectives. PPC recognized that they couldn't continue leading a business without increasing their decision making capabilities through better insights in order to compete and win.


As most distribution businesses, PPC was drowning in data, but its access was very limited resulting in a lack of operations visibility.  In addition, the organization relied heavily on IT for any report needed across the organization, while also wasting significant time manipulating and preparing the data before performing the necessary analysis.  This represented a huge problem for the decision making process since management found themselves in a competitive disadvantage to achieve business goals such as improve customer service, analyze inventory turnover rates, improve cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, capture customer behaviors, while at the same time improve the overall productivity of their staff.





The Nagnoi’s Business Intelligence Solution consisted in a Sales Performance Data Warehouse using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 as the enterprise platform.  Another key component of the solution was the analytical capabilities through a new interface moving away from just operational reports to deeper insights through analytical dashboards and empowerment through collaboration.

Analytics/ Data Warehouseu.

Plaza Provision Company (PPC)



The Nagnoi’s Business Intelligence solution gave PPC valuable insights that has increase the speed and sophistication of their decision making, the ability to pinpoint issues and prioritize business initiatives that will have the most impact on the organization’s future, including simulating how industry trends will affect the business, quantifying the expected outcomes of decisions, and identifying changes to organizational processes. 


  • The IT department used to invest approximately 5 days to create just one report.  Now, with the Self-Service capabilities, business users spend a few hours (75% improvement) building their own reports and analytics without the intervention of IT.  

  • PPC has a 360-degree view of their customers which helps understand the relative value of each customer.  With this information, decisions can be made to focus the marketing efforts around the most profit potential.

  • Having insights about what customers and products are collecting more refund credits, has helped improve inventory management and logistics in order to deliver the right products, at the right time, and without food waste.

  • The ability to monitor if products are invoiced at the agreed price, helps PPC protect the desired profit margins.

  • PPC has been able to identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. For example, sales for new brands has increased by 37%. 

  • PPC has now been able to analyze salesmen’s performance and take corrective actions as necessary.


Leading wholesale distributor in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean


Moises Rosario

Associate Brand Manager

"Having a holistic view of our sales performance data has allowed us to better understand the relative value of each customer.  This has greatly helped us build specific promotions and focus our sales efforts around strategic customers."


400 Calaf Street PMB #155

San Juan, PR 00918


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